About Camp Eden

Camp Eden was started in 2002 by J-Life Africa under John & Lorna Abrahamse.

J-Life’s purpose statement is: Mobilising disciple making movements. Camp Eden exists to be a platform for teaching Jesus’s Living Word, and the spiritual upliftment of all who visit. All are welcome here!

Camp Eden is located on a beautiful 2400 hectare farm located right on the Gauteng – Mpumalanga border, between Heidelberg and Balfour, 80km from Johannesburg. And so it offers seclusion from the hustle & bustle of life, plenty of open space, and country air.

We offer some great outdoor activities, such as swimming, an obstacle course, foofy sliding, paintballing, a climing wall, hikes, and more.

This site is ideal for church camps, youth camps, school camps, team building camps, retreats, small conferences, ministry training for all ages, etc .

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3 thoughts on “About Camp Eden”

  1. 2018 kicked offwith the arrival of 11 new JLife trainees
    for the gap year program, 4 of whom are from Bethel
    college in Indiana USA, 2 from KZN, and 5 from
    Gauteng. These trainees will be under JLife’s care for a
    good number of weeks, and most of this time they will be
    staying at Camp Eden, and for the rest they will be doing
    outreaches into local communities. So far we have done
    many activities together, including a visit to a lively
    township church in Balfour, and had many intense
    discussions of a philosophical and theological nature,
    so it’s been wonderful to have them around!


  2. We were also visited for one weekend by Holy Family
    school, who brought about 80 teens, most of whom were
    beginning grade 7, and they were all here for the schools
    initiation program. We facilitated some zip lining and
    obstacle courses for them.


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